September 27, 2021

Good Food

Eat Good Food – Gemma Talks Milkshakes, Memorial Day Desserts, and L.A. Food Favorites!

Hi Bold Bakers!

Kevin is BACK this week as a special co-host! He’s my husband, co-creator of Bigger Bolder Baking, and a massive Star Wars Fan, and we have lots to talk about — from Memorial Day Desserts, to that famous cookie recipe from tv’s Friends, to Amy Poehler’s new baking show Baking It, and a deep dive into… cereal? Yeah, baby!

But first, we kick off the episode with a chat about what lovely Memorial Day Desserts to make and all the milkshakes we just made for one of our latest Amazon Live show.

Give it a listen!

Memorial Day Desserts

Fresh off one of my latest Amazon Live episodes, where I made some lovely milkshakes, Kevin and I dive into what would make a wonderful Memorial Day dessert recipe — and for me, it has to say summer. That means loads of fresh fruit in some way, like in my 10-Minute Berry Tiramisu.

Nestlé Share’s Phoebe’s Family Recipe

A tray full of chew chocolate chip cookies from my easy cookie recipe.

If you’re a fan of Friends, you’ll never forget the episode where Monica spends the entire time trying to recreate Phoebe’s grandma’s famous cookies — the famous Nestlé Toulouse Cookie recipe that turned out to be the Nestlé Toll House recipe from the back of the packaging.

Kevin & I break it all down for you! Pictured above: my Best-Ever Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe.

Even More To Chat About

You’re in for a treat this week. Kevin and I get into the weeds about everything under the sun! Here are some of the other topics we touch on:

  • There’s a twist to the new Amy Poehler-produced baking show — and Kevin & Gemma wonder if Gemma’s mom would be a good judge!
  • Cereal is a big deal for me — it’s one of my absolute favorite things! So how do I feel about people mixing cereals together? Kevin may or may not do that…
  • What are some of my favorite places in the Los Angeles food scene?
  • Kevin & I play a game of This or That! Do you know whether or not I’d choose pie over cake? Spoiler alert: pie every time, baby!

Until Next Week…

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See you next week on Knead to Know!

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